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Meet Nina



As harsh as this may sound, this is exactly the decision that you need to make... 

We all have difficult circumstances at some point in life. Now, we can either decide to let these circumstances define us, or we can decide to rise above them and instead live a Life of Vision. 

Dreamers talk. Visionaries take action. Who do you choose to be?

- Nina 



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Featured Programs

9-week Online Course: Boost your Energy - Boost your Life!

This Course sets the Foundation for your Truly Good Life by enabling you to implement the right Energy Habits

Take the 9-weeks Online Course to re-charge your Life on a holistically Transformational Level. You will learn skills that enable you to implement new Habits in your everyday Life easily for more Joy, Satisfaction and overall Happiness. 


Certified High Performance Coaching™

12 weeks One-on-One Coaching

Intensive One-on-One Coaching for achieving long-term holistic Success. It's a proven and science-backed approach to not only reaching external Success but also positive Life outcomes like Happiness, fulfilling Relationships, Health, and Confidence. Nina has been certified in the US by the World's Leading Certified High Performance Coach™ Brendon Burchard.  
By application only. Spots are limited.


Heal your Home - Heal your Life 

Let's create an Environment that nourishes and energizes you!

Nina has a special feeling for Spaces and Houses. Not only as an Architect, but also through her Certified Vikara-Vastu® Quantum Healing. She is able to completely Heal your Home or your Office Space of all negative Energies and thereby actively increase the potential of Health, Energy, Creativity, Productivity, Success and Abundance.
By application only. Spots are limited.


Featured Books

the anagram of god is dog 

The Magic Dog's Seven Secrets to a Truly Good Life

"This is one of those must-read books! It is a book that you can truly refer back to at any time in life. If you need a pick me up, or a message to get you on track, simply open a page to find one of Nina's collections of amazing quotes, pictures, or stories on how to truly live a happier and more peaceful, reflective life. Her words resonate so much with the situations that we go through in life and how to find your way through these situations. Her 7 secrets on how to live a truly good life inspired by her Dog Hoomy have had an impact on my life and how I have chosen to live. Highly recommend." - Amazon customer review


Precious Notebook 'Magic Inside' 

Handmade with high-quality organic paper 

Beautiful work - this precious notebook serves as the perfect tool for journaling, a habit well-known to increase gratitude and happiness. The white pages of highest-quality paper are interspersed with quotes, which inspire to dream boldly. Perfect as a gift and an excellent choice for anyone seeking space for more happiness and appreciation.



Free download of Nina's 'Abundance' Breathing Technique:

A daily 3min Meditation to manifest Abundance and Inner Peace.


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